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About Kadir Büyükkaya Shop Franchise
Entry Fee

As Kadir Büyükkaya Shop, we charge an entrance fee as a result of knowledge, experience and knowledge sharing.

Construction and Decoration Application

Configuration projects by the FRANCHISING Department can be carried out either on a turnkey basis or by the company you will take to you. As the turnkey understanding is understood, Kadir Büyükkaya Shop will undertake the decoration and give its warehouse to you on a "turnkey basis". Kadir Büyükkaya Stores should have a minimum of 150 m2 interior space and 50 m2 pocket storage dimensions. Installation cost varies according to the meter. In addition, in order to ensure the commercial livelihood of the enterprise, the goods stock tracking is determined according to the store turnover.

System and Equipment

In Kadir Büyükkaya Shop franchises, the equipment, systems and equipment groups of the factory are used as standard. All of our franchisees use the same system for product tracking and sales analysis.

Personnel – Operator Training and Business Support

Kadir Büyükkaya Shop, as a system, provides both training and operational support to all its franchisees, starting from the contract transactions.

Our expert team works with you during the opening process. We inspect the post-opening and general operation routinely. Local marketing makes event proposals a part of center status to show you enclosures one direction.

Business and Profitability

Business profitability works on a product basis. The profit margin varies between 100% and 300%. Kadir Büyükkaya Shop produces 95% of the products offered to the mansion under the roof of Kadir Büyükkaya Shop and offers them to the stores at a much more affordable price with high quality. We aim to protect those of us who are not intended to open stores in locations where there should be store openings, sections with human circulation, and where there is low potential.

Expected from Franchises:

Kadir Büyükkaya Shop, our stores should be opened in centers where business centers and data segments are concentrated, and in shopping malls close to these centers or which have proven themselves in terms of customer density.
It is our most important request that franchise candidates receive training and especially those who are at the beginning of their accommodation or users who have a high degree of judgement after receiving training.

Living in mutual agreement,
2-Store Detection
4-Renovation (Personnel Training-Store preparation)
5-Turnkey store opening

Application Email Address:

Application Phone Number:+90 532 559 58 79


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